OU's List Of Top Kashrus Questions For Pesach 2015

A nice list, with responses such as:

Q: May I use frozen Kirkland Salmon for Passover?
A: Due to the frequent application of glazes to raw fish, it should be purchased only with reliable kosher for Passover certification. However, Kirkland Frozen Wild Salmon is acceptable without special Passover certification after washing it off, while the Kirkland Atlantic (farm raised) Salmon is acceptable as is without special certification for Passover.

Starbucks Via is Kosher for Pesach This Year

There was a bit of a hullabaloo amongst the coffee addicts just a few days ago when CRC announced on their Twitter page (a great resource, by the way — they do a great job responding to questions) that Starbucks Via is kosher for Pesach this year:

I did some following-up with them to clarify a few things, and I thought I would share it here so that there is no confusion.

First of all, not all Starbucks Via is kosher for Pesach. Only unflavored (the Columbian Roast, for instance) is okay. It also has to be decaf. And, finally, it must bear an OU (although it doesn't need an OU P, as is the chiddush here). 

Now, again, all of this is only the CRC. But that's not much of an "only". They're a pretty reliable and trusted Kashrus organization. So to all you coffee addicts out there (and I do mean addicts): go crazy.