Devir Kahan

Devir Kahan is the Editor In Chief of Daf Aleph, founding it after the recognition that no such easily-accessible online resource on matters of Jewish thought and machshavah existed. He is currently pursuing a degree at Yeshiva University, and is far too much of an over-thinker to write much more for his bio.

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Levi Morrow

Levi Morrow is a semicha student at the Shehebar Sephardic Center and an aspiring teacher, and is in his third year of a bachelors degree in Tanakh and Jewish Philosophy at Herzog Academic College. His interests include Rav Shagar, Sefer Yehezkel, and other forms of oddly pessimistic mysticism.

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Dovid Schwartz

Dovid Schwartz is a very common Jewish name. He is also a student at Yeshiva University, where he proudly learns under his rebbe, R. Hershel Schachter, and pursues his interests in philosophy and machsheves Yisroel. Dovid hopes to devote his life to teaching Torah. He considers himself a student of the great tradition of British Comedy and does his best to dress like a yeshiva guy in 1920's Slabodka. Also, he lives in Teaneck.



R. Moshe Shure

Writing under a pseudonym, R’ Shure holds semicha from R’ Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, has spent many years learning at Mir Yeshivah, and has been teaching at a number of American Yeshivas in Israel for over 20 years. He has also published sefarim on Chumash, Halacha, and Shas.



Yaacov Bronstein

Yaacov Bronstein was born in Far Rockaway, New York and raised in the dormitories of Yeshiva University High School for Boys. He spent two years studying in Yeshivat Har Etzion and returned to Yeshiva University inexplicably already a sophomore, as well as considerably more interested in Bible. Bronstein enjoys sunglasses, Jane Austen, and spending most of his morning seder studying Tanach.

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Shoshana Rozenberg

Shoshana Rozenberg is from Monsey, NY and has lived there all her life. After four years at Bruriah High School, she studied in Israel at MMY for one year and currently attends Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business.



R. Jason Allen

Trying to keep the faith... but also trying to share it.



Zach Sterman

Zach Sterman hails from New Rochelle, New York. After procrastinating through four years at MTA, he spent 1.5 years in Yeshivat Hakotel before returning to attend Yeshiva University. In a rebellion against the notion that every YU student must be an investment banker, Zach has chosen to pursue his passion through a political science major. He hopes that he won’t regret that decision in the future.

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Eliezer Berger

Eliezer Baruch Berger is an anachronistic active observer attempting to be a good nystagmic vegetarian Kohen with constantly changing daydreams that include chamomile tea, quantum physics, and tish bekishes, masquerading as a YU guy from suburban New York.



Avi Borgen

Upon graduating highschool, Avi decided to spend the better part of the following two years studying in Yeshivat Sha'alvim (located in the Ayalon Valley), before starting his college career at YU, where he currently finds himself.



Chaya Levinson

Originally from Chicago, Chaya is proud to be an "out of towner." After graduating from Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Chaya attended Sha’alvim for Women for a year and is currently studying at Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business.



Moshe Bochner

After studying for two years at Yeshivat Torat Shraga, Moshe Bochner now attends Yeshiva University where he is not quite sure what he wants to focus on just yet, but knows very much that he enjoys studying under Rabbi Shalom Carmy.



Matthew Allon

Matthew Allon hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and, after studying in yeshiva in Israel for two years, currently attends YU. He enjoys learning, reading, and intellectual debate, but perhaps most of all, Nespresso. Matthew is also known to occasionally create minor controversy by incorporating color into his otherwise “Black-and-White” wardrobe.

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R. Josh Rosenfeld

Josh Rosenfeld is the Assistant Rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue and on the Judaic Studies faculty at SAR High School.


Binny Lewis

During his tenure at YU, Binny Lewis helped found InventYU (now the largest Jewish hackathon in North America), the Family Discovery Society (and now sits on the international board of directors for IAJGS), and R.A.F.T. (Religious Approaches to Faith and Theology). Binny currently works at B&H as a Jr. Project Manager, and is about to launch Shadchan App. He also has an impressive collection of shot glasses.

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